Firm HDE Service und Logistik e. Kfm is the owner of the

trademark "HDE Autoteile Germany"

         The company under the brand «HDE Autoteile Germany» is engaged in production of own high-quality spare parts for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. 

    Its clients are wholesale companies in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe.

    The production program includes: 

    The production program includes:

    * Suspension parts

    -Control arms

    -Control arm Kits

    -Rubber mountings

    -Tie rod ends


    -Tie rod steerings

    -Ball -joints

    * Steering parts

    -Power steering rack

    -Power steering pumps

    * Fuel system

    * Elements of the cooling system

    * Transmission elements

    * Turbochargers;

    * C.V. Joints

    * Brake systems;

            The production of HDE products is carried out on the hi-tech equipment of the most modern factories. All parts without exception are tested on the stands, and it allows us to be confident in the quality of product of HDE Autoteile Germany. 

    Logistics and service of our company are organized in such a way that HDE products are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the warehouse in Hamburg city.



Why choose us?

HDE Autoteile Germany is:

 * - high quality standards;

 * - adaptation to harsh operating conditions;

 * -- strict compliance with the specifications of the manufacturers ;

 * - wide range of products; 

* - affordable and fair price.

The company HDE Service und Logistik e.Kfm is interested in expanding the dealer network and invites you to cooperation.