HDE company, official name is HDE Service und Logistik e.KFM, was founded in 2003 with head office in Hamburg, Germany. In the same year we began manufacturing of our first parts of suspension and steering system for BMW cars. Gradually the range of the company was replenished with new product lines, the parts for VAG and Mercedes cars were put into production.

In 2012 the company started production with HQ (HIGH QUALITY) marking. In the production of auto parts marked "HQ" specialists paid special attention to the quality of spare parts, which are subject to increased reliability requirements: chassis parts, suspension and steering systems. At each stage of production is a full comprehensive testing, ensuring compliance of parts with all applicable standards.

In the same year we responded to the requests of our partners and began the production of a product line under the trademark Murato. Murato is the spare parts of the economy segment and a guarantee of decent quality.

Today HDE Service und Logistik e.Kfm is the owner of the HDE and Murato brands, the range counts more than 5000 names of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, light-duty trucks. By purchasing HDE products, you assuredly get a quality car spare part from one of the leading manufacturers in the market of spare parts.

HDE specialists follow every stage of the production process attentively – from the choice of raw materials and components to the quality control of the finished product.